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Promoting inclusive and sustainable finance across the continent

The Group is pursuing a growing number of initiatives to expand its overseas footprint. BMCE Bank of Africa is extending its sphere of influence in Africa via Bank Of Africa Group (BOA), Banque de Développement du Mali and La Congolaise de Banque. BMCE International Holding, its European growth driver, brings together its two European-based subsidiaries in London and Madrid. BMCE EuroServices, a payment institution, is growing its business for Moroccan and African migrants. Its strategy also involves bolstering its representation in Asia, North America and the United Arab Emirates.

The Bank’s corporate strategy 2016-2020 is focused on bolstering its retail and corporate banking businesses, as well as developing the SME market segment, two markets with strong growth potential. It is also accelerating implementation of the Convergence Programme aimed at structuring the Group, with an emphasis on the Risk, Ad Hoc and Permanent Control, Compliance, IT and Human Capital aspects.


BMCE Bank of Africa is also generating additional intra-Group commercial and operational synergies across business lines and geographical regions. The Group remains firmly committed to multi-channel banking, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. It has taken its first steps in inclusive and sustainable finance in Africa.

In addition, the Group is continuing to bolster its corporate governance by appointing high-quality independent directors. Their experience and background reflect the Group’s increasingly diverse and international operations.